Morrowind Expanded

A 12 step-guide to reinstalling a better Morrowind

Step 1: a Morrowind for today 20 December 2008

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This web page is a 12-step tutorial guide to re-installing a better Morrowind. This guide contains no plot-spoilers.

Tutorial installation last tested at January 2011 on: Windows 7 32-bit fully patched, 2Gb memory, Nvidia GT9600 512Mb card, quad-core AMD CPU, new 2010 motherboard.


Warning: the guide is NOT meant for those intending to run the game on underpowered PCs or laptops!


Who is this guide for? Those seeking a better game experience. But one that stays close to Bethesda’s original vision. This website is meant as a guide for those who are installing and playing the videogame The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Bethesda, 2002-2003), nearly a decade after the game’s release. Morrowind has had so much fan work done on it that it can be made to look and feel like a new game, one that can in many ways rival its successor Oblivion.

The 12-step guide that follows is for those who want the best possible experience in the game, and are willing to spend more than a few hours fixing up the ‘raw’ retail game in order to get it. I’m assuming you want to play the game anew (or even for the first time, you lucky people!) on a big widescreen LCD monitor, powered by a fast new Nvidia graphics card and 2Gb of RAM.

Below, I step you through the basic outline of installing and modifying (“modding”) the game, to greatly enhance the graphics and sense of immersion in the game’s world. I have been careful to find the latest versions and any patches they might need. I try to stay as faithful as reasonably possible to the game’s original vision.