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Step 10: add major new lands 20 December 2008

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10. Obtain and add major new lands and places:-

Tamriel Rebuilt: Map 1: Telvannis.

Tamriel Rebuilt: Map 2: Antediluvian Secrets.

Tamriel Rebuilt: Map 3: Sacred East. (Includes Maps 1 & 2 : “Sacred East includes an updated version of Telvannis & Antediluvian Secrets, as well as TR_Data – the data files required to play our content!”)

Tamriel Rebuilt: Census and Excise Travel Links at Seyda Neen.

Silgrad Tower (high-quality, adds a large new territory) and patch. This will also add some possibly-unwanted loading screens. To restore the game’s default loading screens, simply delete the new Silgrad Tower screens from C:/Morrowind/Data Files/Splash using the free Thumb Plug TGA for Vista or the WIC Codec Pack for Windows 7 — either of these enables viewing of .tga graphics thumbnails in Windows Explorer.

(After installing these you may see that you can start a new character as one of the Water Seraph race. For this to work you will need the Water Seraphs mod.)

You may also want to look at Annastia v3.3 (high-quality, adds a large new territory) and patch, although it seems to prefer running on a powerful PC.

Now is a good time to learn about double-clicking to load mods in the game’s launcher, and working out which mods actually need to be loaded and which are actually conflicting ‘variants’ of the same mod. Also, study each mod’s structure inside its .zip file, to understand how the textures, icons, .esp files etc should be placed into Morrowind’s Data Files directory.


4 Responses to “Step 10: add major new lands”

  1. john.moonsugar Says:

    I would recommend against using the “Tribunal Integration” mod, as it modifies standard Bethesda Leveled Lists with scripting functions, and this usage is now deprecated. (See )

  2. asdjfdlkf Says:

    Hi; many thanks. I’ll add a comment about this in the text.

  3. markm13 Says:

    Thanks for the great mods list but i belive it should be noted that Silgrad Tower and Tamriel Rebuilt conflict with each other as stated in the readme.

    “Silgrad Tower: Morrowind conflicts with any mod that affects our exterior coordinates, including Havish, Wizards Islands and certain parts of Tamriel Rebuilt. If you’re actively playing any mod that conflicts with Silgrad Tower when you start up our mod, naturally it will be strange as hell for you as two worlds try to exist in the same place”

  4. asdjfdlkf Says:

    Hi Mark; yes, but this guide is for people _installing afresh_ and then _starting a new game with both mods activated_. I’ve found no problems with conflicts yet, with that setup. The ReadMe you quote only applies to those who installed Morrowind some time ago, and who have existing savegames that already use Tamriel Rebuilt.

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