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A 12 step-guide to reinstalling a better Morrowind

Step 12: final bugtest, and change the default Field-of-View 20 December 2008

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Step 12.

Now check your C:/Morrowind directory for mods that have dumped their stuff in the wrong directory, or been extracted as .exe files by the dumb Mod Manager. Usually you find things like textures in the Data directory, and a duplicate Data directory within the Data directory…

Argh! A dumb mod has unloaded itself in the wrong place. You should not have a Data Files folder inside the main Data Files directory.

If so, extract or move the files back to where they belong by hand. Test Morrowind again.

You may just have to live with a few non-critical mod-related bugs on load, such as…



Changing the FOV:

If you’re running Morrowind on a widescreen monitor, then you will probably want to change the “field-of-view” (FOV). This is set by default to 75, which can cause some motion-sickness in some people, and was more suited to an old square-ish cathode-ray-tube monitor. You will want it at 90 or higher. The best setting for a 1920 x 1200px widescreen monitor seems to be 100.389. If that seems a little too ‘fish-eye’ at the edges for you, then try 90 or 95. How do you change FOV? The Morrowind FPS Optimizer can help expand your FOV. Download it, load it, and switch to “expert mode”. Clear all the tick boxes on all the tabs. Now look in the Misc 2 tab, and set 16:9 ratio and 100.389.


It’s tedious, but also clear all the n-patch tickboxes. You may then want to try setting Morrowind Process Priority to “High”, and activate the “Activate Run in combats” option. FPS Optimizer then doesn’t seem to conflict with the Morrowind Graphics Extender (as I have the Extender set up, see above). Just have FPS Optimizer running when you start Morrowind, and it’ll do the FOV magic.

When everything is playing fine, and you feel the game is settled and you’re not likely to add any more major mods, archive the entire C:/Morrowind directory again to a DVD-r.

Enjoy your new Morrowind, now made fit to play in 2010!

Sharn gra-Muzgob in the ‘vanilla’ and ‘modded’ versions. Now a better-looking NPC than Oblivion? Quite possibly. He could have looked even better if I’d modded the robes when I took this screenshot.

Travelling merchant on the road. Here you see Vality’s Oblivion-style speed-trees and grass at work.