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Step 8: download the important patches 20 December 2008

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8. Now you will need to gather a very fat folder of major graphics mods and unofficial patches, most of which are linked below…

The Major Unofficial Patches (install in this order):-

Unofficial Morrowind Patch and Bug Fixes. If you use this, then you won’t need ‘Text Patch for Morrowind with Tribunal & Bloodmoon’ in stage 11 of this guide. You will also be able to use the excellent VGreetings mod, enabling speech audio that shipped with the Tribunal expansion but which was not heard).

Unofficial Morrowind code patch (also needed for the major Tamriel Rebuilt mod, so make sure you check the Tamriel Rebuilt maps box when installing). Unzip it into the Morrowind folder, and install from there. It will directly patch the Morrowind.exe file.

Remember to scroll down and tick the bottom box, when installing the Unofficial Morrowind code patch. It’s NOT ticked by default.

Test that the game still launches, after installing each of these.

While the game is launched — now would be a good time to set your sliders for in-game difficulty settings, keyboard key-bindings, the balance of sound fx and music, footsteps, etc. Don’t mess with the in-game settings for “video”, as all that is now handled by the Morrowind Graphics Extender.

(There is also an experimental .exe optimiser. Not tested by me, so use at your own risk… “It works by disassembling Morrowind, searching for vector calculations and recoding them to use to use SSE instructions instead of the FPU.” Apparently it may only give you a boost if you run on an Intel CPU?)


3 Responses to “Step 8: download the important patches”

  1. David Says:


    First of I’d like to say thank you for creating this guide, it’s been really helpful. BUT… I have a little problem.

    After I’m done with step 8 and I start up the game to check that everything works like it should do, I get an error message.

    I’ve looked through the “Warnings.txt” but I don’t really know what’s wrong and what I should do to fix it. Maybe you could help me out?

    I don’t know if it matters, but I “installed” UMP 1.6.4 and VGreetings through the Morrowind Mod Manager.

  2. asdjfdlkf Says:

    That’s a completely common error message – I get it, and I even illustrate it in the tutorial. Nothing to worry about. Error messages like that come with playing Morrowind. It’s when the game starts telling you files are missing that you have to worry.

  3. David Says:

    I guess I missed the part where you explain it in the guide when I read it through the last time, I see it now however. But thanks a lot for the answer!

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