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A 12 step-guide to reinstalling a better Morrowind

Step 9: add the major texture/landscape packs 20 December 2008

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9. Obtain and add the major landscape textures packs (and install in this order):-

Morrowind Visual Pack v.3.0 (info, but Filefront link to mvp30rc1.rar is dead — get it here or direct download here). Massive hi-res texture pack that incorporates/combines the old Khalazza MW Visual Pack 2.11, Khalazza MW Visual Pack 2.2 (Nature), and Quarl’s Visual Pack XT.

Texture Fix (Texture_Fix_18.7z and Texture_Fix__Bloodmoon_11.7z — but don’t bother with Texture_Fix__TR…_v12.7z as it’s for Tamriel Rebuilt and seems to cause conflicts with your more up-to-date version of TR). Fixes thousands of seams that become more visible when using better textures. You really want this.

Bloodmoon Landscape Overhaul.

Now test that your outdoors frame rate is still acceptable at your chosen resolution. I run fine at 1920 x 1200px widescreen.


2 Responses to “Step 9: add the major texture/landscape packs”

  1. Mr. Swiveller Says:

    You may already be aware of this mod, but I thought I’d share this link as it is a ‘graphics enhancer’ with rather spectacular results. Replaces a very large number of meshes with high-quality new ones.

    Best, Swiveller.

  2. asdjfdlkf Says:

    Hi Swiveller. I looked at that one carefully, but the description said it was an abandoned work-in-progress and had “Lots of things missing now”. So I didn’t want to risk trying it or recommending it.

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