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10th Anniversary, all links checked – May 2012 5 May 2012

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It’s the 10th Anniversary of the release of Morrowind! To celebrate I’ve checked all the Web links, in the main guide on this page. They’ve been checked by hand, and re-found and updated if needed. All links are now working. (Update August 2012: all links checked-and-fixed again):

I also tracked back through all 263 Morrowind mod files that were uploaded at MorrowindNexus between the last check on 1st Jan 2011 and today 5th May 2012. Notable new additions appear to be…

A new Better Landscapes: Stonewood Pass.

The Bitter Coast Landscape Texture upgrade.

The great Vurt has been busy with: Vurt’s Bitter Coast Trees II; Vurt’s Grazeland Trees II; Vurt’s Leafy West Gash II and Vurt’s Solstheim Tree Replacer II.

A new HD Cinematic Intro which is faithful to the original. You MUST be using Morrowind Code Patch 1.9 or higher, and have “High-def cutscene support” enabled!

A Better Meshes Plus Optimisation pack (it fixes meshes not fixed before).

And Better Skulls.

These will be added to the main body of the tutorial once they’ve been tested by me.