Morrowind Expanded

A 12 step-guide to reinstalling a better Morrowind

| Why a better Morrowind? | 20 December 2008

I made this guide because I wanted a better Morrowind, fit to play in 2009 and into 2010/11. I wanted to take advantage of the 100,000+ unpaid man-hours (4,000+ mods x average 25hrs per mod) that fan-modders have put into fixing and improving the game over the past five years.

And why now? Because, in late 2008, several vital aesthetic mods have only just been released — such as Vality’s trees and grass mods. There’s an updated version of the Morrowind Graphics Extender, v3.7. There’s the Morrowind Code Patch, and a new version of the Unofficial Patch. There’s a well-polished expanded ending for the game’s main quest, with new audio. A Microsoft Vista patch in Sept 08 fixed several major problems with Nvidia graphics-card drivers, problems that stopped some players starting a new game. Windows 7 is around the corner, and many people will be re-installing Morrowind because of that. So… it’s now a great time to reinstall and dive back into the game.

Morrowind is also a perfect recession/unemployment game — if you’ve never played it before, you can get the game, the expansions, and all the mods for under $10! Which should give you at least 250 hours of gameplay, if not a great deal more, in one of the greatest and most thrilling game-worlds ever made.


19 Responses to “| Why a better Morrowind? |”

  1. Vladimir Nikolic Says:

    I must say, the greatest game ever.


  2. ThundershockeD Says:

    Thanks for this fantastic guide – was sat down wondering what to do one day and thought “I’ll dust off Morrowind” looked online, and found this. Four days of modding and tweaking (two days on lighting alone) and its about ready to play 😀

  3. Buva Says:

    Yes, thank you for a wonderful guide. I just dusted off Morrowind as well, I am beginning the tweaking process and hopefully greatly improve the game also what about Sea of Destiny? I hear it’s huge and adds a lot to the game.

  4. asdjfdlkf Says:

    The reviews for Sea of Destiny seemed to indicate it’s rather buggy…

    “the errors are more sinister, in that they relate to faulty geographical regions within the mod. … the uneasy feeling that the mod might not have been tested and debugged as much as they might have liked. Add to that the constant feeling whilst playing the game that other things might start to go awry, and that tends to leave the player with the impression of playing a second-rate mod.”

  5. Maracas Says:

    I don’t normally post comments anywhere but I wanted to take this opportunity to offer my thanks for this website. I put Morrowind down a few years ago in pursuit of the latest and greatest. Unfortunately, none of them really compared to the depth and breadth offered in this wonderful game. They seemed to be more focused on graphics and console players than on storyline.

    As a result I decided to reinstall Morrowind and, luckily, found this site. It’s been a life saver. After a day or so of re-installation and following most of the suggestions here, along with installing Wrye Mash, TesTool, and Morrowind Mod Manager (just like OBMM!) and a few other mods I remembered and found, I am just about ready to roll out a new character. I don’t think I could have tuned it up so well for 2009 on my own.

    Thanks again for this great site.

  6. Borrowind Says:

    Many thanks, Maracas. Since I wrote the tutorial, MGE has updated a lot (better fog for ‘distant lands’, better water), so I’ve just had to pull the section on MGE settings, since it’s been overtaken by events. Hope my initial (Dec 08) guide didn’t have you wrestling with MGE too much 🙂

  7. Maracas Says:

    No, MGE was pretty easy. Your instructions were fine. I didn’t bother with distant lands. Trying to get the FOV just right at 1680 x 1050, without fishbowling, was problematic. I finally settled for around 90 but I’ll nudge it up as I go along to see where it might be best without fishbowling.

    Thatks again for the site and all your work. It’s a lifesaver for people like me coming back after many years. And new players should find it quite useful as well.

  8. Kay Says:

    I’m just dropping by to say thanks (in big purple letters). I recently got a hardware update and was pretty sad when I thought about playing non-modded, 2002 Morrowind on a computer that could handle much more, but then I found your guide and ended up having a game that’ll last me another ten years.

    Some of the mods you’ve listed seem to have changed too much to work together; Slartibartfast has updated their Texture Fix mods a LOT, and Darknut’s Creature Texture’s causes a conflict with either TF or MVP. (Oh, and a heads-up: the Unofficial Morrowind Patch link is broken but I found a download of the mod here: As a whole, this guide is the most useful thing I’ve run into re: updating Morrowind to 2011, so thank you again. 🙂

  9. Borrowind Says:

    Many thanks. Darknut deleted in favour of Classic Monster Replacer. Link fixed for the Unofficial Patch.

  10. Elana Spezio Says:

    I could not find the better Classic Monsters file. The link here took me to a search page. The search page was loaded with links to sites which did not have file, and/or “404.” I will install Morrowing with your 12 step plan and leave out the Classic Monster upgrade.

    However, since you must have a copy of this file, might you upload it to TES Nexus etc? Thanks for fantastic effort to update the classic FRG!!!

  11. David Haden Says:

    It looks like Classical Monster Replacer is now online again – I just fixed the link – it’s now a direct link.

  12. Elana Spezio Says:

    Thanks so much! for monster classic link! Your guide is awesome….

  13. Joel Harris Says:

    Quick question regarding these mods and Morrowind on my GTX580: I’ve done all of the basic mods listed at EXPANDED” … (thanks, BTW) … and for whatever reason, playing at 1920×1080 only yields an average frame rate of around 40 to 45fps. Is this normal for a 2700K @ 5ghz with a GTX580 video card? Seems a bit sluggish to me as Skyrim plays Ultra settings at 60+ consistently. Just wondering if there are some tweaks I should look at. Before all the mods, it was at like 150 170fps or something crazy like that so I’m trying to figure out what could be bogging my system. Best and thanks again! .joel

  14. David Haden Says:

    As I say in the installation tutorial, Joel, you will do best to apply the mods in small batches, and then test your FPS after each batch. That way, you can isolate any FPS problems and track down the mod that’s causing them.

  15. El Says:

    Morrowind mod manager link in step 7 is broken, I managed to find another one here
    but as i last played before any mod managers were made, i don’t know if it’s the same one you mentioned

    Elric Melnibone’s site seems to be up and down recently, and there’s a link to Unofficial Morrowind Patch in Step 8 which is down with Links to fresh releases are here:

    Unofficial Morrowind Patch Project Bug Fixes (meant to be used with UMPP) here:

    Unofficial Morrowind code patch link is broken too, it’s here now

    In step 10, you mention Tamriel Rebuild maps, but both were made obsolete by Map 3, available here
    OR here

    Psychodog Studios is also has been down for quite some time, so Better Bodies and Better Heads should be linked from other sites.

  16. David Haden Says:

    Thanks, El, All the links you mention have been fixed and repaired. I’ve also gone through all links and checked and repaired by hand, again. The Elric site appears to be down temporarily, but all other links are now working.

  17. Tim Says:

    Hi, it seems that in Step 9, Filefront doesn’t seem to host the Visual Pack 3.0 anymore. The link on Planet ES is also broken. Do you know any other place I could find it? It’s this one:;56241

  18. Stewart Estes Says:

    My thanks for the work you do here, maintaining this guide to giving new life to my favorite role playing game.

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