Morrowind Expanded

A 12 step-guide to reinstalling a better Morrowind

| Nehrim TC (English) | 20 September 2010

Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge is notable for being the largest and most ambitious total conversion for the RPG single-player videogame The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2006), the sequel to Morrowind. Nehrim was worked on for five years by the SureAI team in Germany. The game was released for free, in fully completed form, in a German-language version on 11th June 2010. A complete English translation, adding subtitles to the dialogue of professional German voice actors, was released on 12th September 2010.

Nehrim is notable, among fan-made total conversions, for its very large size and artistic ambition. According to SureAI the new game contains… “555,840 objects in 9,622 loading areas (levels) and is inhabited by 1,285 non-player characters […] 1,616 scripts take care of offering the players enough variety in the 35-part main quest as well as in the about 30 side quests”. The 50-hour game features a completely different fantasy world, plot, and lore than is featured in Oblivion, while the story takes place in a continent approximately the same size as that in Oblivion.

Leading gaming blog Rock, Paper, Shotgun called the game “staggeringly well-produced for an amateur venture”; Games Radar said: “the physics and animation is every bit as convincing as a full-price game”; and the official Bethesda Softworks blog called it an “immense piece of work”.

* Download Nehrim (English version) (Warning: major plot spoilers in page comments).

* My install and troubleshooting guide.

* My unofficial “starter” walkthrough, for the English version of the Oblivion total conversion, Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge. (3Mb, PDF file). Version 1.0, September 2010.

Click to download the Nehrim walkthrough

* My unofficial printable DVD cover: 1.8Mb, saved at 80% JPEG compression, 2882 x 4309 pixels. Click on the picture to download the full-size version.


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